HIGHLIGHTS & VIDEOS: Toronto August 2017 Film Festival


Best Film: KAJAL

Best Performances: THE SESSION

Best Cinematography: WE WERE SWIMMING

Best Music: The music from KAJAL

Watch the Audience FEEDBACK Videos from each film: 

festival posterMAGIC RADIO, 9min, USA, Family/Comedy

festival posterGRACE & GRIT, 3min, USA, Thriller/Drama

festival posterWE WERE SWIMMING, 3min, UK, Art/Surreal

festival posterTHE MAN WHO DOESN’T SLEEP, 15min, Canada, Drama

festival posterTHE SESSION, 7min, USA, Comedy

festival posterNO STRINGS ATTACHED, 5min, USA, Music Video

festival posterKAJAL, 20min, India, Drama

The FEMALE AUGUST 2017 FEEDBACK Film Festival gave our audiences the best NEW films by women directors from around the world.

The theme of the festival was “SELF DISCOVERY”.

Every film showcased was about a setting where a character finds out who they are deep inside of themselves.

NOTE: Our 4th Female Director’s festival!

The Female FEEDBACK Film Festival has been an incredible learning experience. The success it has acheived so far in less than a year and four festival nights (3 in Toronto. 1 in Los Angeles) has been nothing short of amazing. The quality of films presented is top notch.

There will be one more Female Festival in 2017 occuring and 6 festivals set for 2018 in Toronto & Los Angeles.

I really have nothing to do with this festival. I don’t program a single film. I don’t moderate. I don’t program any of the accepted screenplays. My job is to simply make sure the excellent team (lead by Kierston Drier and Amanda Lomonaco) have a cinema and audience to showcase the accepted works.

The amazing succcess of Kierston and Amanda’s programming of this festival can’t be overlooked.

See you at the festivals in 2017 and beyond.

– Matthew Toffolo

Director BIO: Molly Maguire

Played at the FEMALE FEEDBACK Film Festival on Thursday August 24, 2017

Director Biography

Img 3067

Molly Maguire is a New York based Artist/Filmmaker working as a Production/Costume Designer and a freelance Wardrobe Stylist. She is the founder of Mammy Desgins, a sustainable wallets line based out of Brooklyn. After graduating with honors from Maryland Institute of Art, with a BFA in Painting and Video Art Molly headed to NYC. For over ten years she worked on many creative projects from films, gallery shows, fashion, production design, wardrobe styling and costuming. With emphasis in theatre, commercial, film, print and fashion consulting. Another passion is writing and directing. She currently splits her time between NYC and Nashville while raising a family and working.

Director Statement

The Session was created by my sister and myself after having had many conversations about the notion that women are not funny. To help dispel this notion we created a film that showcases funny women.
This film is also special to me because while directing the film I was pregnant with my first daughter, I have since had a second daughter. It is important to me that they are brought up in a world surrounded by strong, funny, compassionate women and men. In a world that views both sexes as funny and equal. This film has been a way for me to contribute to that world.