Female Festival Testimonial – March 29 2019

Absolutely outstanding notes and I can’t thank you enough. Obviously Charlie Kaufman are difficult waters to sail but I am determined to rock on. The first thing I throw out of the boat is He Who Appears To Be He. But a girl can dream can’t she? Count on one thing you will be receiving my rewrite with a boatload of gratitude. 
– Kelly Karam (Screenplay, Ole: Rising Above Mith)

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Female Festival Testimonial – March 22 2019

I want to thank you immensely for the feedback! I’m truly grateful. Feedback and reviews are the main reasons I submit to competitions such as this one. I’m most pleased with this one in particular because the reviewer took the time to make suggestions as to how I could make the script better, most notably with some of my character relationships.
– Chastity Lively (Screenplay, Happy Holidays)

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Female Festival Testimonial – March 19 2019

I was delighted they could identify with the characters, Mother Daughter relationships are universal, and although set in Ireland it was great to see the audience could empathize with the situation and enjoy the comedy as well as the drama.


Filmmaker Roisin Kearney (THE FAMILY WAY)

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Female Festival Testimonial – March 6 2019

This fabulous festival renders a phenomenal opportunity for aspiring writers to receive copious notes from a team of professionals whose goal is to have you and your story rise to a level worthy of being read by actors and eventually brought to the screen.

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Winning Screenplay – BREW MASTER 
Written by Kelly Jean KaramCAST LIST:

NARRATOR – John Fray
SARA – Victoria Urquhart
GINA – Andrea Meister
DOUGLAS – Gabriel Cameron
JUSTIN – Peter Mark Raphael
MAE – Cynthia Crofoot
TIMMY – Brian Carleton

Female Festival Testimonial – March 4 2019

I loved that the festival focuses on women’s work. Also the chance for a reading was motivating and that feedback was included. I thought my feedback was terrific. I’m impressed by the effort the reader took and how truly helpful it was. I couldn’t be happier to be a winner and have a very professional read of my script. Thank you!

  • Sheri Davenport
  • A Film Freeway Preferred Festival:

Mata Hari — a spy who betrayed her country or a woman ahead of her time? This is the back story of Mata Hari.


NARRATION: Elizabeth Rose Morriss
Mata Hari: Marisa King
Bouchardson: Dan Cristofori
Vadime: Yehuda Fisher
Macleod: Michael Sabet
Clunt: Scott McCulloch
Sister Leonide: Elizabeth Skidmore

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Female Festival Testimonial – February 26 2019

The Female Film Festival promotes women writers, which I found empowering, and the initial feedback provided positive insight and suggestions to strengthen the submitted piece, which in turn, enhanced my writing craft.

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Wounded Officer – 1 – STEPHEN SANDQUIST
Stacey Ward – 4 – JESSICA BOWMER
Leah Santos – 10 – KAT SMILEY
Balthazar – 1 –STEVE SWITZMAN


A Film Freeway Preferred Festival:

The FEEDBACK Female Film Festival (FFFF) was created for women filmmakers and screenwriters. The goal is to showcased the best of female talent in film & TV from around the world.

Film Festival takes place six times a year!

Screenplay Festival takes place every single month.

Festival takes place at the Regal L.A. LIVE Cinemas in downtown Los Angeles, and the Carlton Cinemas in downtown Toronto.