Female Film Festival Testimonial – May 27 2020

Paquita Hughes
Paquita Hughes

Director’s statement***First, I want to say thanks to all of the individuals who gave feedback, that was awesome! My heart melted as I watched the feedback video. It was very encouraging to hear that the audience picked up on so many details from the music, to wardrobe, the relationships of the characters, the location(s), and most importantly the message. It felt great to see that people FELT something while watching JACKS. I’m just so filled with gratitude for this festival and everyone
involved.*** This was by far our most cherished festival we’ve been selected for. We were so thrilled to be selected and when Covid-19 hit, we were saddened by not being able to get the most from the festival. When we were told there would still be private screenings and we would receive a video, our spirits were lifted. The feedback video is PRICELESS!

5 Star Review

A Film Freeway Preferred Festival:

The FEEDBACK Female Film Festival (FFFF) was created for women filmmakers and screenwriters. The goal is to showcased the best of female talent in film & TV from around the world.

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