Director Biography – Stine Breum Fisker (HYSTERICAL)

Stine Fisker is a 25 year old film director, born and raised in Jutland, Denmark. Since she was a child she has loved to tell stories, which made her family call her The Parrot, since she was always talking. She grew up moving around a lot, in what she describes as ‘kind of a hectic family’. After college she attended her first film school, which was a course of half a year. She attended it twice. At 18 years Stine moved to Copenhagen, where she studied film- and media at the University. At the moment she is attending a professional film school. Stine has directed and produced non-budget fiction, fashion films and music video. She is dreaming of directing a feature. She gets her inspiration from social- and cultural issues, politics, memories and her own social circle.

Director Biography – Celia Jaspers (MILK)

Award winning director, Celia Jaspers has over 28 years in the industry and has amassed vast experience in all aspects of production for film and television. She has extensive experience across all trades – theatre, television and film. As lead creative, her programmes have won awards from the 48 Hours Film Festival, New York Festivals international Television and Film Awards, Asian Television Awards, Jackson Hole Science Media Awards and the International Wildlife Film festival. She proudly accepted a Silver World Medal for “Best Direction” in 2019 NYF awards in Las Vegas. And her short film created for V48 Hours Film festival Lockdown 2020, became a top 10 finalist from over 2000 entries and scooped Best Family Film. She is currently a judge for the New Zealand Film and Television Awards and the New York Festivals Awards. Member of WIFT and the DEGNZ.

Director Statement

Milk has been the most uplifting, inspirational project I’ve done in my entire career. The care, kindness and generosity shown by my cast, crew and community has been astounding. Made on a zero budget but the highest of production standards, we certainly made more than we paid for! This film is about kindness and the entire project has attracted just that from its inception. Im humbled and proud to present Milk to the world, showing a slice of New Zealand country life and the kind of people we are.

Short Film: MILK, 5min., New Zealand, Drama

When she sees an old man unable to pay for his milk, a young girl has a change of heart.

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Director Biography – Monk Henshaw (RULE 62: DEVON)

Bay Area native turned LA transplant, I spend my free time making comedic shorts and writing sketches! I love abstract art house films and experimental music so much that I majored in both during my undergrad at Mills College (2012). After 6 years in the industry working at various docuTV and indie film companies (including a nice stint at Pixar) I went back to school. I honed my comedic voice at the Harold Ramis Film School via The Second City Chicago (2017), creating 50+shorts (varying quality). HOT AIR screened at the Minneapolis Mini and THE REPLACEMENTS had critical film festival success screening at 40+ film festivals internationally and winning best picture, best lead actor, and best VFX at a substantial number of those festivals. Anyways, my favorite food is potato pierogi, but only the ones my Babka makes. I enjoy mullets, enamel pins, and tarot cards. My journal is an inconsistent stream of conscious filled with Polaroids, doodles, and tidbits of a life well lived. My dog, Charmander, is leveling up soon. A strong blend of ADHD and decaf coffee keeps me on my toes. But tell me, what about you?

Director BIO: Hannah Dobbertin (NO COMPROMISES)

Hannah Dobbertin, born 1999 in Switzerland, has always had an obsession with stories – from marveling at skeletons of dinosaurs over scribbling fiction in the margins of her math exercises, to the films she makes today.

During her exchange year in Santa Fe, New Mexico, she had the opportunity to take film classes and help as an intern in the Film Department of the Santa Fe Community College. She went on to intern and produce in a small production company in Lucerne, Switzerland, and is now working for the advertisement film production company Shining Film in Zurich, Switzerland.

Short Film: NO COMPROMISES, 11min., Switzerland, Drama

1976: Two 18-year-old girls in a Swiss mountain village
are confronted with an unexpected blow of fate. They must learn that compromises in life are sometimes inevitable – and that sometimes, you must simply ignore them.

  • Runtime:11 minutes 20 seconds
  • Completion Date:May 2, 2021
  • Production Budget:24,000 USD
  • Country of Origin:Switzerland
  • Country of Filming:Switzerland
  • Language:Swiss German