Director Biography – Monika Ivonne (OMA)

Born to a Latvian mother and Polish father who worked for an airline, Monika Ivonne found herself jumping from country to country throughout her childhood. Born in Copenhagen, Denmark, Monika and her family moved from Lithuania, to Russia (St. Petersburg & Moscow), to Latvia, and France. She completed her undergraduate studies at an American University… Continue reading Director Biography – Monika Ivonne (OMA)

Director Biography – Ashley Williams (SUPER SPECIAL)

Ashley Williams Website – IMDB –   Director Statement Kia ora! I’m Ash, I’m from Wellywood (Wellington, NZ). My films are gritty, real, soulful and show hope. My work is contemporary and focusing on the ‘coming of age’ genre/YA films, often a mix of drama, fantasy and in-between. They bend genre, and I… Continue reading Director Biography – Ashley Williams (SUPER SPECIAL)

Director Biography – Emily DeBackere (LAUNDRY)

Emily DeBackere is going into her fourth year film at Ryerson University in Toronto, ON. Laundry is Emily’s directing debut project made outside of school. Director Statement I wrote this film in hopes to visually express the issues tackled in sexual assault. Drawing from a past experience of mine, there is a constant need to… Continue reading Director Biography – Emily DeBackere (LAUNDRY)

Director Biography – PAULA C. FRIAS (CHICKEN)

PAULA C. FRIAS is a Spanish filmmaker from Madrid who has been living in London for 11 years. After studying courses in film schools such as ECAM (Madrid) or NYFA (Harvard University Campus) she settled in London and became an Assistant Director to films such as “Kingsman”, “Wonder Woman”, “Jason Bourne”, “Alice Through the Looking… Continue reading Director Biography – PAULA C. FRIAS (CHICKEN)

Director Biography – Claudia Ruiz (AILIN ON THE MOON)

Directora de “El Molinete Animaciones”, productora especializada en stop motion de la región litoral, Argentina. Dirección la series Dr Cocicienzo, la ciencia de la cocina 2012, Dirección de Stop Motion serie ¨La liga de las cinco plumas¨, Dirección y Animación Stop Motion ¨El Viaje de Gaia¨, Animación fragmento Your Face Global JAM Bill Plymton, Dirección… Continue reading Director Biography – Claudia Ruiz (AILIN ON THE MOON)

Director Biography – Asis Sethi (A BLOODY MESS)

Asis Sethi is an award-winning Canadian director, producer, scriptwriter and TV personality who is known for her docu-series “Darshan Dekh Jeeva” and her documentary “A Colourful Crown” which premiered on Canadian National Television and ran for 5 years. Asis has worked with renowned entertainers like Mike Myers (Austin Powers, Shrek), Nelly Furtado (Singer-Songwriter) and Mike… Continue reading Director Biography – Asis Sethi (A BLOODY MESS)

Director Biography – Lisa Kannakko (GLAD YOU’RE HERE)

Autobiographical filmmaker Lisa Kannakko is an emerging talent, recently graduated from the Documentary Media Program at Ryerson University. This is her first film. Director Statement I poured through 19 years of footage from my personal archive to uncover the answer of why my life fell apart. I never intended to tell this story to the… Continue reading Director Biography – Lisa Kannakko (GLAD YOU’RE HERE)

Director Biography – Xinwen Zhang (NEW YEAR’S EVE DINNER)

Bachelor of Arts, graduated from the Bachelor of Film Department of Beijing Film Academy. Director’s work: “Just Meet You”, “Men and Men”, “New Year’s Eve”, “Vientiane Spring”, “Unmarried Mother”, “Singer”, “Planting Love”, “Making Dish for Love”, “Unconsciously Love You” . Filmed the first domestic 260-episode networked drama “Goddess’ Office”. Cantonese and Mandarin were broadcast on… Continue reading Director Biography – Xinwen Zhang (NEW YEAR’S EVE DINNER)

Director Biography – Léa Sassi (DAISY DESIRE)

Léa Sassi is a French director and set designer currently based in New York City. After studying journalism at the European Institute of Journalism in Paris (France), she moved to New York City to pursue a master’s degree in Directing at School of Visual Arts. Combining her journalistic passion for truth and her keen sense… Continue reading Director Biography – Léa Sassi (DAISY DESIRE)

Director Biography – Naomi Evans (THE FERRYMAN)

Our film was created by all of us (three women from Scotland, England, and America), with no one role or individual given more weight than the other. As women, our creative process was open, kind, collaborative, professional, intense and fair. For efficiency, we divided the work within the roles of production, writing and directing. In… Continue reading Director Biography – Naomi Evans (THE FERRYMAN)