Director Biography –¬†Ashley Williams (SUPER SPECIAL)

Director Statement

Kia ora!

I’m Ash, I’m from Wellywood (Wellington, NZ).

My films are gritty, real, soulful and show hope. My work is contemporary and focusing on the ‘coming of age’ genre/YA films, often a mix of drama, fantasy and in-between. They bend genre, and I aim to leave my audience with something to think about. To take away. My purpose being; to make films with meaning.

I use strong female leads and where authentic- under represented cultures in my work. I feel passionate about using film as a medium to speak about important issues or events or unheard voices. I believe film is able to capture our Zeitgeist- or mirror our time, as well as offering a future Zeitgeist. Now isn’t that exciting! I believe that future world is a world that needs love, compassion and hope.