Director Biography – Emily Dean (ANDROMEDA)

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Emily Limyun Dean is an Asian-Australian-American currently based in Los Angeles. Emily holds a Bachelor of Arts First Class Honours in History from the University of Sydney, and studied Animation at California Institute of the Arts.

Emily began making short films at age 12 and storyboarding professionally at age 15. In 2012 her short film Forget Me Not was nominated for an Australian Academy Award (AACTA) for best animated short, and was included in the Australian National Film and Sound Archive’s Permanent Collection.

Emily trained in the Story Department at Pixar Animation Studios, and has since worked in the Story Department at Warner Bros on The Lego Batman Movie (2017) The Lego Movie Sequel (2019) and Scoob (2020). In 2017 Emily worked alongside renowned cinematographer Chung-hoon Chung (Oldboy, The Handmaiden, It) as a Visual Consultant on the live action sci fi thriller, Hotel Artemis, directed by Drew Pearce (Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation) and starring Jodie Foster. In 2017 Emily also wrote and directed her live action debut, the sci-fi drama short Andromeda.

Emily is represented by Verve and managed by Brillstein Entertainment Partners.

Director Statement

Diverse, female-driven, action-adventure genre stories are my jam!

Director BIO –  Myriam Kamel (MY BROTHER)

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Myriam is a Canadian from Tunisian descendants with a bachelor in film production from Concordia University in Montreal. She’s interested in culture differences between the Maghreb and the West and the way these differences affect relationships and families. Khouya (My Brother) is her first short film and shows the difficulties of growing up in the middle of two opposite cultures, and sharing your experiences with your family as a child of immigrant. While Maghreb culture favors family and community, the West favors individualism and free will. Myriam wants to create a film genre that will illustrate the struggles that people of her generation go through while trying to balance those values in their everyday life.

Director Statement

Khouya tells the story of children of immigrants who grew up at home under strict rules and traditional ways of thinking, and were confronted to the open-minded values of north-American societies; such as freedom, independence and libertinism.

In a society that openly features sexuality and allows for diverse opinions to be shared, it is hard for those of us who were raised in conservative households, to juggle with these opposed values and to make our own sense of right and wrong.

This issue personifies through the character of Youness, who chooses to live the American way, and who consequently has to deal with his brother’s disapproving look. Khouya portrays how an environment can challenge one’s beliefs; it shows two brothers growing apart despite being raised under the same roof, and the drama of having to hide your lifestyle from your family for fear of being shamed and judged.

This short film is a social drama targeting millenials and portraying issues of identity and self-affirmation.

Female Festival Testimonial – February 3 2018

Danja Politis
Danja Politis

My film was screened in Toronto. I could not attend but i got a link to a feedback video of my film. As a filmmaker, getting feedback from the audience is a very nice aspect of this film festival. Thanks for having me!
I very much recommend this festival!

5 Star Review

A Film Freeway Preferred Festival:

The FEEDBACK Female Film Festival (FFFF) was created for women filmmakers and screenwriters. The goal is to showcased the best of female talent in film & TV from around the world.

Film Festival takes place six times a year!

Screenplay Festival takes place every single month.

Festival takes place at the Regal L.A. LIVE Cinemas in downtown Los Angeles, and the Carlton Cinemas in downtown Toronto.

Female Film Festival: Thursday January 17th (Toronto)

The FEEDBACK Monthly Film Festival is back for 2019.. Our home is The Carlton Cinemas, located in the heart of downtown Toronto at 20 Carlton Street. The event runs from 7pm to 9pm.

Continuing to showcase the best of short films from around the world, while maintaining our audience feedback format moderated by Kierston Drier. Showcasing a Female Film Festival every single month!

Tickets for 2018 are PAY WHAT YOU LIKE. Purchase your tickets online via Paypal or Credit Card. Tickets are first come first serve.

If you like to obtain seats in advance and pick them up on the day of the event (come for FREE, or make a donation), please email us at and we’ll reserve seats for you.

You can pick up the tickets on the day of the event at the cinema. Tickets are first come, first serve. This festival has sold out 70 out of its last 72 events!

You will be able to buy alcohol (beer, wine, liquor), popcorn, candy, and refreshments before the show.

Here is the full program of films. Festival starts a 7pm sharp!


THE DOLLHOUSE, 7min., USA, Documentary

Directed by Kyra Gardner

A filmmaker who grew up with the Chucky doll seeks out the other families surrounding the franchise to get their perspective on life with Chucky.

CLICK HERE – and see full info and more pics of the film!


OLD HABITS, 13min., USA, Drama

Directed by Sophie Ellsberg

Two women are reunited at the scene of the hunting accident that left one of them disabled.

CLICK HERE – and see full info and more pics of the film!



Directed by Samantha McDanel

Vivian will do whatever it takes to make sure her daughter Desiree, a young pageant girl, is perfect so she will win the big annual pageant.

CLICK HERE – and see full info and more pics of the film!


ANIMUS PER MACHINA, 5min., Netherlands, Animation

Directed by Danja Politis

What if everyone looks the same but still a distinction is being made? The protagonists, black balls, are transported into a factory. They make their way through the selection process, that seems completely random. What will happen to them in the end?

CLICK HERE – and see full info and more pics of the film!



GOODBYE BABY LADY, 13min., UK, Drama

Directed by Emilia Kinderman

Rose is 24 years old. She lives with her eccentric mother. Together they fill their lives with mundane often pointless tasks that are rigidly timetabled. The house is nothing but a trap with a vast collection of clutter that stops them from moving forward.

CLICK HERE – and see full info and more pics of the film!


ITSY, 12min., UK, Drama

Directed by Amy Mathieson, Premila Puri

ITSY is a fictional narration of two neighbours and an unsuspecting friend who forges their unique bond.

CLICK HERE – and see full info and more pics of the film!


THE FAMILY WAY, 18min., Ireland, Comedy

Directed by Roisin Kearney

A family is thrown into turmoil when a positive pregnancy test is found in the bathroom drawer.

CLICK HERE – and see full info and more pics of the film!


The event runs from 7pm to 9pm on Thursday January 17, 2018

Continuing to showcase the best of short films from around the world, while maintaining our audience feedback format moderated by Kierston Drier. Showcasing a festival every single Thursday in Toronto in 2019!


Short Film: THE FAMILY WAY, 18min., Ireland, Comedy

18155991 1155920167870905 4587511438041433294 oA family is thrown into turmoil when a positive pregnancy test is found in the bathroom drawer.
Mother and daughter Julia and Ruth get their pregnancy tests mixed up when they both hide them in the bathroom. They set out to discreetly buy pregnancy tests in their small Irish suburban town, but are thwarted at every turn, bumping into people they know. Word spreads and friends and neighbors turn up at their home to find out the ‘news’ from distressed dad Robert.

Project Links
  • Film Type:
  • Runtime:
    18 minutes
  • Completion Date:
    March 10, 2018
  • Production Budget:
    1,600 EUR
  • Country of Origin:
  • Country of Filming:
  • Film Language:
  • Shooting Format:
    Digital 4k
  • Film Color:

Director Biography – Kyra Gardner (THE DOLLHOUSE)

Kyra 30

With a dad as a special effects makeup artist, blood and guts became a normality for Kyra. Combat nursing became her prime focus, but she soon discovered that real blood is more intense than the fake goop. Since high school she’s been pursuing a career in directing and hopes to create quirky fantastical films with the help of her forever scared childhood.

Director Statement

“I remember being oddly different from other kids in elementary school. I thought blood, monsters, and aliens were something all children came home to see after walking home from school. I was known as, “The girl who grew up with Chucky.” As I grew older I realized how much more bizarre that sounded, and how my childhood was distinctly different from anyone I knew. No one else grew up with a killer doll they referred to as a brother or celebrated Halloween like a religion. That was until I met the other families surrounding the Chucky franchise. I wanted to make, “The Dollhouse,” to show what life was truly like for the families who grew up around the Chucky doll and how it all connected us in the oddest of ways.”

-Kyra Gardner, director, “The Dollhouse” (2017)