Puppets And Pushpins Short Film – Audience FEEDBACK from the July 2018 LA Festival

PUPPETS AND PUSHPINS, 4min., Canada, Dance/Music Video  Directed by Melanie Faye A music video about puppets that come to life on a shelf. One tries to escape while the others try to hold her back. About being trapped in an emotionally abusive relationship. CLICK HERE – and see full info and more pics of the film!

Director BIO: Melanie Faye (PUPPETS AND PUSHPINS)

Director Biography – Melanie Faye I used to sit and imagine music videos with costumes and choreography and heart breaking stories in my head all day while listening to music as a kid. Then in highschool I was to be into acting so I got a taste of being on set. That introduced me to an… Continue reading Director BIO: Melanie Faye (PUPPETS AND PUSHPINS)