Director BIO: Melanie Faye (PUPPETS AND PUSHPINS)

Director Biography – Melanie Faye

018a37aa91 headshot

I used to sit and imagine music videos with costumes and choreography and heart breaking stories in my head all day while listening to music as a kid. Then in highschool I was to be into acting so I got a taste of being on set. That introduced me to an exciting fast paced world that I instantly fell in love with! I love directing and finding new talent in actors and most of all exploring what is possible with film because it is such a limitless art medium. I hope to fuse my music and filmmaking together more often in the future. I graduated from Capilano University last May with a Bachelor in Motion Picture Arts.

Director Statement


With this film, I was trying to make a metaphor for being held emotionally hostage. The harder someone tries to hold on to you and keep you from being free the quicker they’re going to lose you. Outside the shelf is the unknown and there is fear of the unknown but there is also a hope for something better.

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