Audience FEEDBACK Video: THE MAN WHO DOESN’T SLEEP, 15min, Canada, Drama

THE MAN WHO DOESN’T SLEEP, 15min, Canada, Drama
Directed by Jana Stackhouse

A young filmmaker finds herself in a new apartment where her neighbour is literally up all night. Her anger turns to curiosity as she sets out to make a documentary about ‘The Man Who Doesn’t Sleep.’

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Director BIO: Jana Stackhouse

Played at the FEMALE FEEDBACK Film Festival on Thursday August 24, 2017

Director Biography

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Jana Stackhouse grew up on the East Coast of Canada, where she was an award-winning dancer and choreographer. Her passion for storytelling brought her to Toronto, and the city’s diverse art scene introduced her to the outlet of filmmaking. As a director, Jana’s films have been selected, screened, and have won awards in various film festivals including: Canada Independent Film Festival, Los Angeles CineFest, Toronto Short Film Festival, SilverWave Film Festival, Toronto Indie Doc Fest, and the Croydon Film Festival in England. Her documentary “The Art of Drag” was selected as a semifinalist in the TVO Short Doc Contest, and broadcast on television this year. With a focus on directing, Jana has earned a BFA in Film at Ryerson University. Jana’s film, “Away Home”, which she wrote and directed, stars Billy MacLellan (Bellevue, Maudie), Peter MacNeill (This Life, A History of Violence), and Raven Stewart (The Expanse, Fargo). Jana’s latest project is a web series for CBC, which will be released this summer.