HIT Short Film – Audience FEEDBACK from the July 2018 LA Festival

HIT, 4min., New Zealand, Sports/Drama
Directed by Nahyeon Lee

As Iris begins to learn the sport of boxing, time and space blend as she recollects the sensations of a party gone awry and confronts her demons once again.

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Director: Nahyeon Lee (HIT)

Director Biography – Nahyeon Lee

Nahyeon headshot

Nahyeon Lee is filmmaker based in Auckland, New Zealand. Currently, she is completing postgraduate study in Screen Production at the University of Auckland. Born to Korean parents who immigrated to New Zealand, she is interested in voicing female and minority stories through films. With a Major in Media, Film and Television behind her, she intends to further use film to explore and subvert generic and gender norms typical in conventional cinema. She has worked on a variety of video projects for local businesses, including for art exhibitions for Olly and short videos for What’s Good Blog. This short film will mark her directorial debut.


Director Statement


Hit is an exploration of confronting your demons and re-claiming autonomy over your body. It is a short film that blends time and space attempt to re-create the sensory experience of the two parallel moments. It will attempt to encourage discourse surrounding our current culture, gender and sexual autonomy.