FEMALE FEEDBACK Festival Testimonial – June 11, 2018

From director Lisa Baron & Writer/Actor Malin Barr (HEDDA NEEDS HELP)

It was really great to receive feedback, especially since people seemed to enjoy the film! Of course, that feels good. It was also really rewarding to hear that the audience liked Hedda and was on her side though her motives and actions, because our biggest note in our first draft was creating a more likeable character, given the dark nature of our plot. After hearing the feedback, it feels like we accomplished that goal!

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HEDDA NEEDS HELP Short Film – Audience Video from November 2017 Festival

HEDDA NEEDS HELP, 14min, USA, Comedy 
Directed by Lisa Baron

Hedda Needs Help tells the tale of Hedda, an aspiring poet and undying optimist, tasked with watching the most prized possession of Manhattan’s acclaimed poet, Albert Stein: his dog. But when Hedda accidentally kills her big break we find that no one fails quite like Hedda, as she carries the weight of her problems around Manhattan in this all too real comedy gone awry.

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Director’s BIO: Lisa Baron (HEDDA NEEDS HELP)

Short Film playing at the November 2017 FEMALE FEEDBACK Film Festival

Director Biography


Lisa Baron pursued film in NYC after receiving a Masters Degree focusing on Spanish Cinema and has since made her directing debut in 2016, directing a Pilot, Guccies and her first comedic short film, Hedda Needs Help co-written with Malin Barr. Lisa started as a comedic actress and improviser, studying at Anthony Meindl’s Actor Workshop and Upright Citizens Brigade. After focusing on sketch comedy for 4 years, Lisa wanted to pursue more structured narratives that still have traditional sketch-comedy back-bones, which we find in Hedda Needs Help. She also works in Admissions for a prestigious performing arts conservatory based in Manhattan and Los Angeles.

Director Statement

Hedda Needs Help focuses on Hedda, an aspiring poet in New York City that has an opportunity to get her foot in the door with a well-known poet and publisher, Mr. Albert Stein. With this short film, we wanted to create a protagonist that shows the sense of naivety and child-like optimism in many young artists when moving to the Big Apple. As she literally kills her one chance to impress Albert Stein, we watch her go through the film without any real consequences, trying to embody stereotypes placed on women, and failing time and time again.

Similar to the film industry that co-writer, Malin Barr and myself, find ourselves constantly, Hedda is a character in the center of a male-dominated world. “Fake it until you make it” has a whole new meaning in this film, while Hedda tries to fit into female archetypes that never work for her.

It was incredibly important for us to maintain strong sketch comedy style throughout the short film format, which can often have abstract narratives and dialogue. Therefore, in addition to the amazing improvisor, co-writer and actor, Malin Barr, we casted our film with hilarious comedic actors such as Nick Fondulis (30 Rock), David Gibson (Quantico) and comedian, Saurin Choksi (FuseTV). We hope this film can reflect underlying themes about young ambition and female sexuality in a light-hearted and quirky way.