Director BIO: Anaiis Cisco (BREATHLESS)

Director Biography – Anaiis Cisco Anaiis is a MFA student in the Cinema department at San Francisco State University where she writes and direct films focusing on the experiences of underrepresented racial, ethnic, and gendered “minorities” in the United States. She received her Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Film Studies at the City University of New… Continue reading Director BIO: Anaiis Cisco (BREATHLESS)

Short Film: BREATHLESS, 7min., USA, Drama/Crime

‘Breathless’ is the story of Larry, a middle aged Black man, whose trip to the bodega for coffee and cigarettes leads to his unwarranted death. Larry, a father “figure” and street “entrepreneur” in his Brooklyn community, stops by Major Deli to see the owner, and for his usual coffee and cigarettes. On his way out,… Continue reading Short Film: BREATHLESS, 7min., USA, Drama/Crime