HIGHLIGHTS, WINNERS & VIDEOS: July 2020 Female FEEDBACK Film Festival (Toronto)


Theme of night: Coming to terms.

NOTE: Festival took place during the COVID-19 virus lockdown so all screenings were held in private.

Watch the Audience FEEDBACK Videos:

festival posterSUPER SPECIAL, 12min., New Zealand, Drama

festival posterBARE IT ALL, 7min., Documentary/Experimental

festival posterOMA, 9min., Latvia, Comedy Drama

festival poster1814 FROST FAIR, 4min., UK, Drama

festival posterYOUR MILEAGE MAY VARY, 7min., Canada, Drama

festival posterLILI, 8min., USA, Drama

festival posterLAUNDRY, 3min., Canada, Experimental

festival posterCHICKEN, 5min., UK, Drama

festival posterAILIN ON THE MOON, 5min., Argentina, Animation

festival posterA BLOODY MESS, 10min., Canada, Drama/Family

festival posterGLAD YOU’RE HERE, 10min., Canada, Documentary

festival posterNEW YEAR’S EVE DINNER, 22min., China, Thriller/Fantasy

The beginning of a (temporary) new era.

See you at the festivals. Whenever that happens!

– Matthew Toffolo

Director Biography – Monika Ivonne (OMA)

58577a25b2 headshot

Born to a Latvian mother and Polish father who worked for an airline, Monika Ivonne found herself jumping from country to country throughout her childhood. Born in Copenhagen, Denmark, Monika and her family moved from Lithuania, to Russia (St. Petersburg & Moscow), to Latvia, and France. She completed her undergraduate studies at an American University in Rome, Italy. Upon her graduation, Monika moved to Los Angeles to attend UCLA Film School where she obtained an MFA degree in film directing. She currently resides between Los Angeles and Riga.

Director Statement

As a Latvian who moved to America, my short film “Oma” depicts one of my greatest fears: loss of culture. Latvia is a small and frequently unheard of country, with an increase in the number of locals who move abroad. With an international background, I’ve come to learn about various cultural tradition, food, and history all over the world. For me, it’s important to portray these aspects in film, whether it’s through a language, a recipe, an actor, or anything else.

Director Biography – Ashley Williams (SUPER SPECIAL)

Director Statement

Kia ora!

I’m Ash, I’m from Wellywood (Wellington, NZ).

My films are gritty, real, soulful and show hope. My work is contemporary and focusing on the ‘coming of age’ genre/YA films, often a mix of drama, fantasy and in-between. They bend genre, and I aim to leave my audience with something to think about. To take away. My purpose being; to make films with meaning.

I use strong female leads and where authentic- under represented cultures in my work. I feel passionate about using film as a medium to speak about important issues or events or unheard voices. I believe film is able to capture our Zeitgeist- or mirror our time, as well as offering a future Zeitgeist. Now isn’t that exciting! I believe that future world is a world that needs love, compassion and hope.

Director Biography – Iyin Landre (BARE IT ALL)

964a9b62ab headshot

Iyin Landre is a writer/director with a wide variety of commercials, music videos and narrative work under her belt. In 2012, she raised over $77K on Kickstarter and shot her first feature film in Brazil, which subsequently played at several festivals in the US. And since October of 2017, Landre has made over 60+ short films where she writes/directs/stars/edits/color/sound mixes all of them.

Short Film: BARE IT ALL, 7min., Documentary/Experimental

7f21f3e37b posterAfter experiencing a shocking tragedy, Lynette struggled for more than 10 years with an addiction, self-doubt, and debilitating negative thoughts, until she finally learned to love herself again.

The idea behind BARE IT ALL:
The ability to love is the greatest power we (humans) possess. Through applying the simple act of love, we can create extraordinary change within our own lives and the lives of others. BARE IT ALL is a docu-series in development that follows inspiring true stories, exposing a person’s darkest hour, and revealing how they used the power of love and positivity to survive and transcend into the greatest versions of themselves. Through compelling storytelling and film-like style of documenting, we hope to enable the viewer to feel inspired to cultivate more positive thinking and acts of love to create the change they desire in their own lives.

Short Film: 1814 FROST FAIR, 4min., UK, Drama

112fb873d0 posterDuring the Little Ice Age of the 17th to early 19th centuries the River Thames completely froze over on eight occasions and London witnessed a series of historic spectacles – The Frost Fairs.
In 1814, thousands flocked onto the thick ice to witness and enjoy an impromptu mix of festival, circus, and street show. Tents were erected and makeshift markets quickly emerged as innkeepers and tradespeople eagerly made the most of this temporary frozen wonder.
A new bridge replaced the narrow arched Old London Bridge in 1831 and the faster water flow stopped the Thames ever freezing over again. The 1814 Frost Fair was the last of its kind.

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Short Film: YOUR MILEAGE MAY VARY, 7min., Canada, Drama

C6ca9245bc posterA middle-aged woman makes a last-ditch effort to sell her eye-sore car to an optimistic teenage rocker. This goes smoothly until they find a time capsule of forgotten items from her youth. Bonding over discovered similar interests, they try to grapple the generational gap, nostalgia, and envy of each other’s lives. During the encounter, the woman begins to second guess her decision to sell the car.


Short Film: LILI, 8min., USA, Drama


28396b5cf1 posterLili (Lisa Smit – Netflix’s Ares) knows she has to nail this audition. The Man (Derek de Lint – Soldier of Orange/The Unbearable Lightness of Being) she auditions for, knows this too. Thus starts an uncomfortable cat and mouse game in this single-shot #metoo horror, about power, the misuse of power and female empowerment.

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