Feature Film: DOROTHEA AND THE MYOTRAGUS, 60min,. Spain, Documentary/Animation

In 1909, a young British woman boards a ship towards Mallorca, following the path of some mysterious bones found in a cave. For two years, she climbs, crawls and explores every cavity in the rocks of Mallorca, Eivissa and Menorca, narrating her experience in her diaries. The first of those diaries ended up in flames during a fire, but the rest have survived to tell the story in detail. “Dorothea and the Myotragus” is a documentary that includes animation to recreate the diaries written by one of the most important female palaeontologists of all time during her stay on the Balearic Islands, a woman who struggled against the gender stereotypes of those days and who discovered mysterious extinct Mediterranean animals, such as the mythical Myotragus Balearicus.

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