Director Biography – Núria Abad, Marta Hierro (DOROTHEA AND THE MYOTRAGUS)

Núria Abad is a producer, director and scriptwriter of documentaries and television programs in collaboration with several production companies in the Balearic Islands and Catalonia, as well as a specialist in the planning and execution communication strategies. She has been the director and/or scriptwriter of the documentaries “Dorothea and the Myotragus”, “La batlessa” and “Centroamericando”; the documentary series “Històries d’un ball”; and the television programs “Balears fa Ciència” and “Art Balear”. She has also worked in the production of the documentaries like “The most dangerous man in Europe. Skorzeny in Spain” or “Illes en Transició”.
Marta Hierro has a degree in Journalism from the Complutense University of Madrid. The desire to tell stories in depth leads her to the world of documentaries, specializing in historical and social issues. She has been the director and / or scriptwriter of the documentaries “Dorothea and the Myotragus”, “La batlessa”, “Illes en Transició”, “Espías en la arena. Objetivo España”, “Agente Sicre. El amigo americano ”, “ El viatge definitiu”, “Vacances a Txernòbil ”, “ Los monstruos de mi casa”, “Estat d’Exili”, “Baix en Carboni”, “Riesgo químico” and “Mallorca al trote”.

Director Statement

The documentary tells the story of Dorothea Bate as a cultural, historical and social reference, which a hundred years ago put The Balearic Islands on the international scientific map with the discovery of Myotragus balearicus, a species unknown until then and that only existed in Mallorca and Menorca during the Pleistocene. The finding of Myotragus balearicus contributed greatly to theories of species evolution on the islands, especially in the Mediterranean. Dorothea Bate, who at one time received great international recognition for her discovery, fell into oblivion after her death.

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