Director BIO: Laura Way (I CAN’T SLEEP)

Director Biography – Laura Way

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Laura Way is an actress and director, known for Sugar Stick (2009), The Honeymooners (2005) and Rough Cut (2013).

Director Statement

U2’s emotive lyrics and music were the perfect fit for the imagery of I Can’t Sleep, this film is an insight into the world of a vulnerable young girl who is a victim of circumstance.

I wanted viewers to feel what Lucy is going through, to see through her eyes and to show the vast difference the right support can make in a young persons life.

At 18, young people leaving state care in the Republic of Ireland are legally adults but they still need a home.

Where do they turn when they no longer have one?

Alone on the streets is a terrifying place to be and the people at Focus Ireland know the realities of this.

It is why they are passionate about what they do and are genuinely committed to ending the homeless crisis. Positive change can’t be made unless we know and understand and start talking.

That’s the power of film.

I Can’t Sleep was made by a very small but incredibly hard working and committed team, from cast and crew, the marketing and advertising agencies, everyone at Focus Ireland, our amazing sponsor Bord Gais, U2 who gave us the rights to use their track and a moving performance by Grainne Goode who plays Lucy”.

Bodecii Film is a new production company that creates original, dramatized, branded films and commercial content, as well as developing and producing original and indigenous film and television.

I Can’t Sleep is the first three minute film to be used in a feature length commercial break context in the Republic of Ireland, a result of Bodecii’s remit to produce quality original films in a brand context.

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