I CAN’T SLEEP, 3min, Ireland, Drama

B33f33e48c posterThis is Lucy’s story.

“I Can’t Sleep” features a dual narrative track, depicting the possible fates of a young girl, Lucy, who leaves State care at the age of eighteen.

In one scenario, she benefits from Focus Ireland’s support and secure housing, in another she is forced to live on the streets, prey to violence and drugs.

More than 500 young people leave state in the Republic of Ireland care every year, too many of them become homeless.

Focus Ireland know that this can be prevented.

Their services are tailored specifically to young people – and they work.

Focus Ireland: “We are driven by the fundamental belief that homelessness is wrong.

Wrong because it is a failure of society that creates victims out of ordinary people and robs them of their potential.

Wrong because it can be prevented, it can be solved but is allowed to continue and in doing so, undermines society”.

The film features U2’s song ‘Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own’ from the 2004 album How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb, used with the band’s full permission.

Written & directed by Laura Way and produced by bodecii.com/ for focusireland.ie/

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