Director BIO: Sara Soheili (MWAH)

Director Biography

Img 5753

Sara Soheili was born in Mashhad, Iran.
Upon completion of her Bachelor Degree studies in Microbiology, she was graduated from Azad University, Tehran Branch.
Along with her university studies, she attended Acting and Cinema Make-up Workshops at the Association of young filmmakers.
She then started her specialized artistic activities in Movies and Cinema as make-up artist in “Four-Fingered” and “Marriage in extra Time” movies.
In the year 2011, she started acting in “Gashte Ershad” movie and continued this career afterwards in other movies titled “Kalashnikov”, “Night Shift”, “Gashte Ershad 2” and “Kimia” Series.
By making “Mwah“short film in the year 2016, she has shown her willingness to start film production and directing activities along with her acting.

Director Statement

By making this movie I liked to show in a poetic way the sadness of trying to abort. The relationship between women with their embryos is a subject that has always inspired me.

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