Director’s BIO: Nikhat Powell (THE BENEFACTION)

Short Film playing at the November 2017 FEMALE FEEDBACK Film Festival

Director Biography

Nik pic

Nikhat Powell is an educator. She got her M.A. in Mass Communications from the premier institute for Filmmaking, the Mass Communications Research Centre (MCRC), New Delhi, India in 1990. Before transitioning full time into education, she worked as a Video editor for Zee TV and for different independent TV shows.

Identifying a need for a unique film school offering high quality instruction to everyone who had missed the opportunity during college days, she started ‘Magic in Motion’. MIM taught intensive, short term, part time courses that a working professional could manage.

She headed departments and worked with media and liberal arts colleges in Bangalore and Pune, India for nearly two decades before moving to the US with her American husband. Unable to work in higher education in the US without an MFA, she decided go back to full-time studying and get what she needed to teach the subject she loves. She graduated as one of the top graduates across the program, with a 4.0 GPA and an Honors degree.

She is currently teaching in the Cinematic Arts department in Douglas Anderson School of the Arts in Jacksonville, Florida.

Director Statement

This film is a labor of love. It is a testament to how the Universe supports one when faith, passion, perseverance and dedication lead the way.

The characters, their conflict, the stakes, the social and monetary conditions might could be argued as specific to a culture prevalent in India. I believe they’re specific to mankind. I’ve tried to pay attention to cultural nuances, character flaws, culture-specific dialogs, development of character, character arc and plot, and the story arc, remembering that the story is set in India, but will largely be viewed by a foreign audience. Though the story is about Rishi, the male protagonist, it is also a comment on the unacknowledged role of women that are the strength and support of families across the world. Naina, in this film, could well be recognized by many other names across the world. Rishi, in this film, is each of us when faced with difficult decisions in our lives. May we learn to never judge someone else, for we are not in their shoes.

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