Director Biography – Suyoung Jang (SHATTERED)

11bb40e0f5 headshot

Suyoung Jang is a Korean animator and artist, born and raised in South Korea. She studied History at Ewha Womans University and came to the State when she was 25. Suyoung started to study Computer Animation at Ringling College of Art + Design. With her senior thesis “Shattered,” she won Silver Juror’s Award for Best of Ringling 2019.

Director Statement
My animation contains imaginative stories, describing small, but relatable moments based on sharp observation of people’s lives and my own life experiences. My art will make people laugh, feel and think about something important in our world. My unique and attractive characters’ is not just cartoony or silly but more genuine and truthful. Some of them will provoke authentic laughter, and they will randomly pop up in your mind and make you happy, and some of them will make you look back on what happened in our society. My animation has a clear purpose that supports storytelling more effectively with the right timing that brings life to the animation. My animation springs from my indomitable will and hard work that makes everything work nicely.

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