Director Biography – Gwenmarie White (SKJEMT BLOD)

Gwenmarie White is a Metalhead Valley Girl interested in what would happen if Laura Ashley listened to Cannibal Corpse, if the subway scene from POSSESSION took place in Limited Too, if Lisa Frank ran a dogfighting ring, and if Bonne Bell made corpse paint. When it comes to creative content, she staunchly subscribes to Larry David’s “no hugging, no learning” policy, and aims to create work that is easy to consume/difficult to digest. Her past studies have included the subjects of moshing, ecstatic/liminal spaces, and women invading traditionally male territory. Gwenmarie is currently an MFA candidate in Art at the California Institute of the Arts.

By femalefilmfestival

The irony of this festival is that its goal is to not be around in 5 years time. To eventually not be relevant because there is zero need to have a festival geared for female talent and female stories because the stories presented in Hollywood and around the world are a balanced showcase of the human experience from both sexes. Our goal is to achieve a lot of success and then fold into oblivion simply because there is no need for this festival. This festival was created by the FEEDBACK Film & Writing Festival as a simple reaction to a strong need to showcase female talent from around the world in a more profound way. When putting together the weekly festival, the administration noticed a lack of a female presence in the stories being shown at the festival. A classic example and analogy to the frustration is how the festival noticed that even the smaller roles in a screenplay were written for a man to play. There was zero reason for this in many stories. How a police officer, or a political campaign manager, for example with 3-4 lines in a screenplay was a "HE" character. Why? And these are the screenplays written by the winners! The talented one who have obtained agents and have began/beginning their careers as a writer.

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