Director Biography – Samantha McDanel (PAGEANT PERFECT)

178c27a959 headshot

Samantha McDanel has a Bachelors Degree with honors from University of North Texas in Media Arts. She served as an active member and Social Chair in UNT Short Film Club where she also held different roles in multiple film productions that the club produces each semester. Samantha’s main focus is writing, directing, and video editing, and she is currently working toward her professional certification in AVID Media Composer. Her goal is to be a top film editor for major motion pictures, but her dream in life is to become an established director and woman filmmaker. She also works with makeup and practical FX in film and photography and is well-known in the Denton community for this work. Samantha would like to learn as much as she can about every aspect that goes into making a film to better herself as a director, creator, and leader.

Director Statement

This film was a simple idea at first, but the more I sat and worked on it, it quickly became a much bigger and a true passion project to me. The story and the characters mean so much to me. It’s filled with themes, some that may not be immediately caught, and a complicated relationship between a mother and daughter. I knew that I could bring this story to life with the right team working with me and the perfect cast. I am so proud of how this film turned out.

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