Director BIO: Lynne Davison(THE CLIMB)

Director Biography – Lynne Davison

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Lynne is a Northern Ireland based writer and director with a strong track record in short film-making. The Climb is Lynne’s first project funded and produced through a professional production company. Her previous work includes Tryst which was officially selected for the 26th BFI Lesbian and Gay Film Festival and, most recently, Ducks which was featured in the 2015 Belfast Film Festival.

Lynne’s passion for visual storytelling has seen her work in the camera team on TV dramas such as Small Island and Game of Thrones as well as various corporate productions. In 2010 she directed and shot a series of documentary films with the Prison Arts Foundation.

She has a keen interest in exploring thought provoking character centred drama, sci-fi and fantasy stories.


Director Statement


Remembering by Doing.

The Climb felt like the perfect opportunity to showcase my writing and directing strengths while showing the beauty of the Northern Irish landscape in a very quiet and personal way.  Inspired by a heart-breaking true story, I knew I could present the relatable painful act of remembering by doing. The concept of feeling connected to someone you have lost by doing something they love was perfectly poetic.

When I thought of whom I wanted to cast I knew I wanted real and unpolished. Julia needed a great deal of depth to convey the complex emptiness that comes from losing a partner and the subtle hints of hope she would find on her journey.  Darren needed to be someone with experience in his eyes and the kind of confidence which is calming.  It was clear that Joanne and Ian had a natural chemistry which brought the characters to life flawlessly.

For me The Climb has been a triumph both on the page and on screen; successfully highlighting Julia’s deep personal internal struggle which I so desperately wanted to convey.

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