Director BIO: Jessica O’Sullivan (SISTERS IN ARMS)

Director Biography – Jessica O’Sullivan

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Originally from Co. Kerry, Ireland, Jessica O’Sullivan holds a degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering. After working in the Construction Industry for 12 years she decided to leave it and to instead follow her dreams of making films and telling visual stories. In 2017 she completed a BA in Practical Film Making at Met Film School, London specialising in Directing. Jessica’s directing credits to date include the 45 minute TV pilot Above the Fold (2017) and an episode of the web series Upstage (2016). Jessica is currently working on writing and directing a short comedy set in Co. Cork, Ireland about Nollaig na mBan.


Director Statement


There is a wealth of fascinating stories out there about women which have not yet been told. One particular area which fascinates me are the stories of women in the police force and armies in countries where women are largely perceived to be living under oppression. I wanted to make a film about real women with real relationships (in this case siblings) in a difficult situation having to make a difficult decision. The short film Sisters in Arms is an adaptation of a scene from a feature length film script that I am writing. The feature length focuses on two sisters who join the Kurdish army in Northern Syria and their tumultuous relationship and joint experiences during training and in active service. Both stories ultimately look at and question whether a person can find the strength in a decisive moment to kill someone that they love in order to save them from an inevitable and agonising death.

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