Eskimo Short Film – Audience FEEDBACK from the July 2018 LA Festival

ESKIMO, 6min., USA, Drama
Directed by Robyn Killian

On the verge of relapsing on heroin, after hearing his best friend died from an overdose, Devin Walters, a recovering addict struggles to find meaning in his life. He receives and unexpected visit that changes everything.

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Director BIO: Robyn Killian (ESKIMO)

Director Biography – Robyn Killian

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Born in North Carolina, Robyn Killian moved to Los Angeles in 1989.

Her first career in L.A. was in the entertainment industry. She developed and associate produced a television show that was shot in Tahiti. The show, which featured Pamela Anderson as the host, aired on the USA Network. She also appeared on the cover of a national magazine. She acted in feature films, one of which she co-stared with Will Smith. She guest starred on many television shows and commercials, and traveled the word hosting and starring in sports and swimwear shows. “Entertainment Tonight” and “Extra” highlighted some of her accomplishments. Many of which were dangerous and exciting, such as scuba diving with sharks, skydiving, and doing aerial acrobatics in a bi-plane over Hawaii.

She has also had a very successful painting and photography career. Her unique multi-layered paintings have attracted the attention celebrities and of important art collectors worldwide.

In Fall 2016, at a mere 50 years old, she was accepted to The School of Cinematic Arts at The University of Southern California. Being a non-traditional student with life experience provides her with stories to tell from the heart… Stories about humanity and love, reminding us of who we are and who we can aspire to be.

Director Statement

It all began with a desperate telephone message I received from a dear friend. Someone told him that I had died from and overdose. At the time I had been clean and sober for 12 years, he had been sober for 17 years. I called him back to let him know that I was alive and well. Crying with relief, he confessed that he had been using again and needed help. I took him to a support group meeting and he got clean again and has been since. Eskimo is an endearing name often used in 12 step programs to the person that helps an addict with his or her recovery.

My movie “Eskimo” is a tribute to that experience, my dear friend, and to my sobriety, which is the bedrock and the foundation for my life.

I took creative license; as screenwriters often do, and my protagonist, Devin’s best friend, does in fact, die. Overwrought with grief and despair, he turns to his drug of choice heroin to cope. But does he? Amanda, his best friend, visits him from the afterlife and reminds him that life is valuable. He finds his reason to live.