IMITATION Short Film – Audience Feedback from March 2018 Female Film Festival

IMITATION, 16min., Poland, Drama 
Directed by Maria Magdalena Jeziorowska

“Imitation” presents a world of deepening madness, which turns out to be the cause of the loneliness and sense of mental alienation. The madness of the main character, which is eccentric seamstress, pulls the viewer into a dark reality. Man is objectified in a symbolic mannequin, thus creating an imitation of what’s human.

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Director BIO: Maria Magdalena Jeziorowska (IMITATION)

Director Biography

Dsc 0467

A 19-year old girl, who just graduated from the high school. “Imitation” is her film debut. 1st award and a very positive feedback from the jury of a polish national contest “My idea for a movie” mobilized her to shoot a short movie based on the winning script. The short movie “Imitation” was made with help of few professional crew members and (mostly) her friends and family, who believed in her dream to become a director. She strongly believes that the film industry is not only for men. She plans to take exams for a film school in Lodz and Katowice at the beginning of this summer.