Female Film Festival Testimonial – May 16 2020

Screenwriter Debra Knox (Orson Welles Ashes)

I’m interested in networking with other women writers/film makers and determined to make my creative dreams come true.

I was pleasantly surprised when I started winning awards for my screenplay and thought Hmmm….they get this!” It’s nice to have some love!

Watch the Screenplay Reading: 

Charlie and Susan, a couple of Hollywood wannabes, take a journey down Sunset Boulevard in a black Lincoln with Orson Welles ashes in the trunk and discover what it means to not give up on themselves and their dreams. (copyright 2017)


Bette – 2 – Andrea Irwin
NARRATION – Laura Afelskie
Charlie – 20 – Sean Ballantyne
Susan – 18 – Norma Dunphy