Löffel Short Film – Audience FEEDBACK Female Directors Festival Dec. 2018

Löffel, 21min., Germany, Drama

Directed by Lina SchmeinkGünther is planning his death. He´s living in an old-age-home and can´t move his fingers anymore. For a long time he was collecting tablets and right now he has enough to commit suicide – if there wouldn´t be Heinz. The new roommate easily takes away Günther´s tablets. Heinz annoys Günther hardly with his ongoing escape attempts but soon Günther experiences the reason why: Heinz needs to rescue his donkey! “Löffel” was left at Heinz´farm and now he will be slaughtered. Günther proposes a deal: He will help Heinz to rescue his donkey to conversely get back his tablets…

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Director Biography – Lina Victoria Schmeink (Löffel)

Director Biography – Lina Victoria Schmeink

Lschmeink passbild

Lina Victoria Schmeink was born in Aachen, Germany, where she absolved her High School, too. While her studies in television and cinema in Cologne she realized several short movies and was even involved in three “Tatort” movies and several television and movie scripts. LÖFFEL is her graduation film at the Hochschule Macromedia University of Applied Sciences, Cologne.
At the moment, Lina Schmeink is studying Professional Media Production in Bochum.

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