DINNER FOR TWO Short Film – Audience Feedback from March 2018 Female Film Festival

DINNER FOR TWO, 15min, Taiwan, Drama/Relationship
Directed by Elen Ji

Newly-wed housewife Xiao Xiao suppresses her desire for eating meat, in order to meet the convenience of her vegetarian husband A-Liang. One day on Xiao Xiao�s birthday, she receives a piece of complimentary steak, which brings up a series of conflicts in her marriage.

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Director BIO: Elen Ji (DINNER FOR TWO)

Director Biography


Born in Shanghai, China.
Graduate with BA in English from Tianjin University of Commerce;
Graduate with Postgraduate Diploma in Translation & Interpreting from Macquarie University of Sydney;
Graduate with MA in Conference Interpreting from Macquarie University of Sydney;
Worked as manager of Contemporary Art/ Oil Painting & Sculpture Dept. of Shanghai Hosane Auction House;
Now studying MFA in Filmmaking in National Taiwan University of Arts.

Director Statement

“Family” has always been an important subject to me, from which we can see more clearly of ourselves and find deeper understanding of the other individuals through the intimate relationships. I’d love to develop the ideas from daily family life to reflect people’s inner thoughts or feelings in a certain situation.