Director BIO: Veronica Badell

After graduating from one of the most prestigious universities of Venezuela, Monteávila University, Verónica received two scholarships (financial and creative) to attend to one of the most popular universities in Los Angeles, New York Film Academy, to become a Film Director.

While studying at the New York Film Academy, she ran a set of approximately 60 people each day for 3 days,including 15 kids between the ages of 6 to 10 years old. Verónica has worked as Production Design Assistant with the Production Design Gemma Fenol and Jorchual Vargas in several commercials and corporate videos. Currently, she looking forward receiving more work on sets to improve projects and create quality productions while she continues to develop as a Director in the future. Her first passion will always be creating content that brings personal stories to life and cultivates social change, always looking forward to whatever may come next.

Director Statement

As a woman and a filmmaking student, I see my future with an optimistic view and the hope to become a successful Director thanks to the industry awareness of the lack of inclusion of women in our craft. Sadly this lack of inclusion is not only referred to as women, it is also referred to as immigrants.

Simply put, as an immigrant you are forced to work twice as hard, with one hand tied behind your back, to make less than the minimum wage in one of the richest countries in the world.

Immigrants have always been the first to invest in this country, and at the same time have suffered the worst consequences simply because they are not Americans. Inhumane immigration laws have forced millions of immigrants to constantly live in denigrating situations and I just happened to live one of those experiences.

To put a fellow human being’s immigration status above their well being should not and cannot be accepted as an ‘American Value.’

We, as immigrants, and especially as women, must change our mindset. We are the power behind the scenes. If we don’t begin to believe this, no one will.

I believe that the filmmaking industry is the most powerful media outlet that currently exists, and now, for women more than ever, it is our chance to share our voice with the world.

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