Director Biography – Liz Whitmere (UP TO HERE)

Liz Whitmere has 25 years of experience in film and television, both in front of and behind the camera. She was the associate producer on the Canadian Screen Award-winning The Neddeaus of Duqesne Island (CBC Gem), one of the most-viewed series on the CBC digital comedy platform.

Whitmere then directed the Bell Fibe talk show Rapping With Actors, which profiled Canadian celebrities in an unconventional, comedic format. Since then she has shepherded several digital series through development, among them Hit On Me, which won the pitch competition at the Just For Laughs ComedyPro conference.

She is Co-Executive Producer on Late Night in the Studio for CBC Gem, which The Globe and Mail’s John Doyle called a “trippy, tonally perfect Canadian comedy.” Whitmere is currently attached to produce and direct a new series from the creator of Little Mosque on the Prairie, ZARQA for CBC Gem.

Director Statement

How much space are women allowed to take up, even inside our own heads? Up To Here is one woman’s search for solitude. Women, especially now, are carrying unbearable weight – motherhood, paid work, unpaid domestic and emotional labour. Through it all we are told that if we just practice a little more self care there will suddenly be breathing room… but how can we rest and recover when even our minds are crowded?

I wrote and shot Up To Here before Covid-19 changed everything, but find it speaks to the never-alone pandemic experience quite clearly. Mothers will understand.

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