Director Biography – Heléna Antonio (2020)

Heléna was born in Como (Italy), however she grew up between Italy and Spain and studied acting with John Strasberg.
She moved to London in 2015, studied the Meisner Technique and she took part to different projects.
She played the lead role of the mysterious Lucia in ‘Sunburn’, released at the beginning of 2020 in USA and Canada and now on Amazon Prime and other platforms. Her Film ‘Judith’, where she plays the dark role of Judith, has been premiered at the 75th Venice Film Festival. We recently saw Heléna in another Feature Film, ‘Heckle’, also starring Steve Guttenberg, where she portrays Laura, a gritty and intense woman. The film had its world premiere at the FrightFest of London in 2020.

She has been directed for huge campaigns by film directors like Tony Kaye, Julio Medem and Maria Ripoll and has also performed ‘La Bohème’ at the prestigious Royal Opera House of London, directed by Richard Jones.

Director Statement

2020 is the first time that sees Heléna Antonio directing a film.

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