Director Biography – Monk Henshaw (RULE 62: DEVON)

Bay Area native turned LA transplant, I spend my free time making comedic shorts and writing sketches! I love abstract art house films and experimental music so much that I majored in both during my undergrad at Mills College (2012). After 6 years in the industry working at various docuTV and indie film companies (including a nice stint at Pixar) I went back to school. I honed my comedic voice at the Harold Ramis Film School via The Second City Chicago (2017), creating 50+shorts (varying quality). HOT AIR screened at the Minneapolis Mini and THE REPLACEMENTS had critical film festival success screening at 40+ film festivals internationally and winning best picture, best lead actor, and best VFX at a substantial number of those festivals. Anyways, my favorite food is potato pierogi, but only the ones my Babka makes. I enjoy mullets, enamel pins, and tarot cards. My journal is an inconsistent stream of conscious filled with Polaroids, doodles, and tidbits of a life well lived. My dog, Charmander, is leveling up soon. A strong blend of ADHD and decaf coffee keeps me on my toes. But tell me, what about you?

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