FEMALE Festival Best Scene Script Reading: Hysteresis, by Lynn Vincentnathan

A deep water Arctic Ocean oil rig explosion in our near present releases gigatons of methane, causing runaway warming to spiral out of control much faster than it would have. By 2273 the only habitable place is the Arctic and life is dying out there. May’s malnourished son dies and the autocratic Imperium executes her husband for stealing food. Time travel has just been invented. The Imperium orders soldier May to go back in time and save pacifist Noah from his accidental death so she can gain access to the White House. Her mission: she must assassinate President Tomlin to prevent him from permitting the drilling that led to the explosion or they will execute her daughter Rachel in four days. Complications arise. Someone is trying to kill Noah. May misses opportunities to meet Tomlin and is mistaken for eco-terrorist Francine. And she starts to fall for Noah and his ideas.

Narrator: Val Cole
May: Kyana Teresa
Joe: Shaun Devlin
Ev: Allan Michael Brunet

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