Director Biography – Monica Walton (THE CHANGE PROJECT)

Monica Walton is a tv producer, filmmaker, presenter, drone pilot and travel journalist with almost a decade of experience working in the media industry in London & internationally. She’s worked with airlines, global resorts, brands and travel companies such as Jeep, Jetsetter, Ritz-Carlton, Westin, Marriott & Kimpton Hotels, DJI Global & tourism boards to bring stories to life through her lens.

Director Statement

A new study in the Cayman Islands found that 1 in 3 young people have thought about suicide – a very taboo topic on the island. The number one cause was ‘ bullying on social media’. I wanted to delve into the fragile minds of the youth, hear their experiences of this psychological abuse that so many of us experience every day ( myself included). I wanted to explore how their minds work and come closer to learning why young people in the Cayman Islands are so prone to suicidal ideation when faced with online abuse & harassment. It was the first time young people have spoken out publicly about their fears and traumas & I’m proud of them for speaking up.

Ratings R

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