Director Biography – Dalton Snider-Smith (FANTASY MASTER)

Dalton Snider-Smith, 22, is an extremely ambitious college student, writer, and director. She’s been writing short, feature, and episodic screenplays from the age of ten. Fantasy Master is her official directorial debut, but she is already looking forward to her next project and beyond as she finishes her degree in filmmaking, a B.F.A. at Montclair State University.Dalton also has an extensive background in theater and comedic improvisation, having directed and performed in numerous productions. She especially loves to use what she learned as an actor to connect more deeply with the actors in her film. With her work she hopes to tell stories both personal to her yet universally relatable through emotional response.

Director Statement

This film, to me, is about reconnecting with the people most important to you. In the face of tragedy and mental illness, distance can so easily grow in families/friendships and that gap can feel impossible to bridge. I believe this is a feeling many, including myself, can relate to. In this, a girl looks around and realizes she is tired of pushing people away. She uses a childhood game to try and rebuild those relationships, but her greatest challenge becomes whether she can come to terms with the fact that perfection in relationships—and games—simply might not exist.

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