Director Biography – Ramya Nambessan (UNHIDE)

Ramya Nambessan is a multi-faceted talent. From being an accomplished film actress she is a classical dancer and a trained singer too. From playback singer to director of short movies Ramya has been successful in all her ventures.
With more than 60 films to her credit she has crooned more than 15 songs. Born in 1986 to an art loving parents at Chottannikara, Kerala, India. Ramya entered the filmdom as a child artiste. From Chappakurishu in Malayalam to the stupendous hits like Pizza and Sethupathi in Tamil, Ramya has acted in films belong all the South Indian language films.
She has given classical dance performances all around the globe and has always been a part of any major South indian Filmfare. She presently curates and produces videos for her YouTube channel Ramya Nambessan Encore. Ramya is an active founder member of Women in Cinema Collective (WCC) an ace organization championing the cause of gender equality in cinema. She is eloquent in the topic and voices her opinion in concerned platforms.

Director Statement

Unhide is a message oriented one. About the trials and tribulations faced by women in the society. The three minute long video begins with a woman’s dressing and puts light on if women need to cover themselves than covering the eyes of a pervert. The video further emphasizes on how important it is to get a woman’s consent.

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