Director Biography – Evgenia Taneva (10 SECONDS)

Currently Evgenia Taneva is а student in the National Academy for Theater and Film Arts “Krastyo Sarafov”, Sofia, Bulgaria with the specialty “Film and TV Directing”. Before that she studied for two years “Drama Theatre Acting”. In 2017 she finished an one-year educational and training program in the field of contemporary dance developed by Derida Dance Company in Sofia.
Her artistic biography includes writing of two fantasy books in the years 2014-2015 with co-author Vanina Bozhilova – “The Hand of Destiny” and “The End is Eternal”. In 2017 she has presented an original dancing performance “R’ APT” and has participated in the international festival “Black box” with the performance “…point. Viewpoint”. In 2018 Evgenia Taneva was part of the Youth’s Jury of the 22nd International Sofia Film Fest. In September 2019 she was part of the pitching session of the International Short Film Festival “In The Palace”. Her first short film “Mama” already has an active festival life and won awards. Her new feature film is the documentary “Stigma”.
She was Production Director of the documentary “Stoimen Stoilov. Monumental” (for the artist, winner of the Herder Award). Premiere 11/27/2019.
Evgenia Taneva is finalist of “THE 355 FILM AWARD” 2020 of Foundation “Stoyan Kambarev”. She is also founder of the Foundation “R’ART” (2020).
Director Statement

The short film “10 seconds” is about the internal battles a person has to get over the wounds of the past. People often allow themselves to be defined by what others think of them. The boxing is a metaphor for the fight against others and the fight against oneself.

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