Director Biography – Georgia Fort, Krysta Rayford (GEORGE FLOYD: IT HAPPENED HERE)

Georgia Fort is a two time Emmy nominated Media Producer and Television Correspondent. Her reporting has been published on CNN, ABC, NBC, Fox and CBS affiliates. Her mission as a storyteller is to amplify truth, inspire, inform and agitate change. Most recently she produced a short documentary “George Floyd: It Happened Here”, which amplifies the voices of individuals who are from the neighborhood where George Floyd was killed. Prior to that Fort, co-directed and edited the award winning documentary “Rondo: Beyond the Pavement” which is no available on Amazon Prime. Outside of media, she’s in the process of changing maternity leave laws in Minnesota after losing her job as an anchor because she wasn’t eligible for FMLA. A true advocate for change, the Minnesota native has over a decade of broadcast experience that spans from public radio government television to national commercial television broadcasting.

Krysta “K.Raydio” Rayford is a vocalist, producer and teaching artist based in Minneapolis, MN. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Krysta is an accomplished singer/songwriter who incorporates topics regarding social justice into her art and her workshops. Her music has been featured internationally on platforms such as VH1, BBC Radio and Okayplayer. Krysta was a featured performing artist at Soundset Music Festival in 2014, one of the largest hip-hop music festivals in the United States. She has taught and led workshops for Minneapolis Public Schools, Kulture Klub Collaborative, Twin Cities Mobile Jazz, She Rock She Rock and many other schools and organizations in Minnesota. Krysta is currently an Ableton software instructor for Beats By Girl MN, an organization that empowers women in sound production. Her introductory class is one of the only Ableton courses geared towards women and non-binary adults in the United States. She recently released her collaborative album …And The World Weeps with producer Shrimpnose, in addition to a series of self-produced EPs ( The Sync Series ) in 2019.

In addition to her work as a performing artist, Krysta is also a Voiceover Talent with a unique background in Audio Description narration. Her credits include Empire , Independent Lens , and Barbie’s Dreamhouse Adventures among others.

Director Statement

Representation is irreplaceable in telling the stories of diverse America. Growing up in the community affected by this tragedy provided us access and insight unavailable to others. Carefully recording the personal devastation of a community, in the community’s words, results in a record of the George Floyd killing, and its aftermath, that is both timeless and timely. Artistically conceived, the viewer becomes an eye-witness to the latest chapter in a terrible history.

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