Director Biography – Honey Lauren (WIVES OF THE SKIES)

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Honey Lauren is a multi-award winning, writer, director and actress. She has over 80 film and television credits and has been in dozens of commercials. One journalist christened her “the female Christopher Walken”. Some of her film credits include the title role in the award winning film, MEN CRY BULLETS, which Roger Ebert called: “The best cult film of the future”, Doris Wishman’s SATAN WAS A LADY and Coppola’s DRACULA. Some of Honey’s television credits include recurring roles on HBO’s DEADWOOD, DAYS OF OUR LIVES, MANI, ALL MY CHILDREN, and COMEDY CENTRAL’S HOME FRIES, to name a few. She recently completed Paul McCarthy’s features DADDA & NIGHT PORTER and the new television shoe, BELIEVERS. Honey is also a produced and published writer. She has written for name Directors including Abel Ferrara and Mario and Melvin Van Peebles. Her feature screenplay, MISTAKE won the AOIFF and HDIFF Writer’s Award and her screenplay STRANGED, was a semi finalist in the prestigious Austin Film Festival Screenwriting Competition, her screenplay THOUGHT DISORDER and her short; WIVES OF THE SKIES were finalists at the Slamdance Screenplay Competition. Her short film, DOT GOT SHOT won five major festivals including BEST FEMALE FILMMAKER and the acclaimed, WOMAN WITH A VISION AWARD. HAPPY HANDS is Honey’s short documentary with Tippi Hedren and has won six film awards and qualified for the Academy Awards in 2014. Her short WIVES OF THE SKIES will debut in 2020.

Director Statement

When someone I know sent me a link to vintage 1960’s Stewardess outfits for sale on EBAY, I was blown away at not only the popularity and high prices, but that these outfits are sold, collected, and bid on, by what looked like mostly men. I recognized that these uniforms have become a fetish… for me, at the very least, unexpected. Curious, I researched the history of stewardesses during this particular era.
The stewardesses were sporting uniforms by top fashion designers like Pucci, Mary Wells and Yves Saint Laurent. The fabrics, which “hugged” as they stretched, were considered revolutionary for their ability to display the stewardesses. During the flights, the layers of clothing came off at different altitudes. Dramatic designs were all the rage, with geometric patterns and stripes; bold pinks and lavenders topped off with tangerine go-go boots!
As I read the famous COFFEE, TEA OR ME, the tell all book by two “randy stewardesses”; something about these “Sexy Stewardesses”, seemed pushed and insincere. It seemed a marketing ploy by the airlines to sell tickets. Ok. We’ve seen this before. Sex sells. These ladies, and only ladies, were dressed, weighed, packaged and displayed. One airline even advertised the suggestive “Does your wife know you’re flying with us? Another display of the pattern of women being sexualized, and sold. Only after I wrote WIVES OF THE SKIES, did I find out that COFFEE, TEA OR ME was indeed a hoax, written by a man hired by the airline industry.
I have long recognized that where there is a pattern, there is a story. WIVES OF THE SKIES, is a story. And a question…
‘Sex sells, but at what cost?’

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