Thank You, Lynn — In Their Own League

Lynn Shelton was an exceptional filmmaker. Like many, I was devastated to learn about her sudden passing. Shelton was 54. I remember watching her work for the first time. I saw “Your Sister’s Sister” (2011) at home, after renting it from Netflix. I wanted to see Emily Blunt’s latest film and I didn’t know much about it. Shelton brought to life an intimate story about three people struggling to find themselves, redefine themselves and their circumstances. It wasn’t a flashy or showy film. Yet, I was struck with every element of the film. So, when her film “Touchy Feely” (2013) came out, I sought it out. The film stars Rosemarie DeWitt as a massage therapist who suddenly has an aversion to touch. It has to be one of the most intriguing plots I’ve ever seen on film, especially in an independent film. It was inventive and simply human.

via Thank You, Lynn — In Their Own League

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