Director Biography – Sandy Parker (ALIENATED)

10bca2d283 headshot

Sandy Parker is a screenwriter and director based in New Orleans. She parlays her training in still photography and theatre, and her years of experience supervising film continuity to tell compelling stories in a unique visual way. Her previous short films, Keeping the Promise – a documentary on human trafficking, and Creatures of God, a dark comedy, have appeared in numerous festivals in the U.S. and abroad. Sandy is currently working on several feature-length scripts, including HELEN IS HOT, and THE CAMP, based on the novel “Clueless in New Orleans: Adventures in Adolescence” by Jack Saux. She has previously served on the board of the Louisiana chapter of Women in Film & Television and is a member of IATSE Local 161 in New York.

Director Statement

With “Alienated,” my intention was to take themes from our current zeitgeist and give them a twist, allowing the viewer to wonder who and what is causing our young woman to feel marginalized. I am extremely grateful to The COOL Cooperative, not only for choosing my screenplay, but for supporting emerging local talent with their Director’s Program. I could not have made this film without their support, along with that of our generous donors, as well as the actors and crew who gave their time and talents to this project.

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