Director Biography – Chloe Mondesir (JACKS)

E8a6ca3456 headshot

This story was written and directed by Chloe Mondesir who hails from the great state of Texas and is currently living in Los Angeles, CA who is a Public Figure pursuing a career as an, Actress, Writer/Producer/Director. She brings a personal touch with her inaugural film project inspired by one of her grandmother’s struggles growing up in rural Texas after the Great Depression. This short film expresses her desire to explore real stories that her audience can relate to, learn from, and be entertained.

Director Statement

JACKS came to mind when my 73 year old grandmother, Sonia shared a story about her childhood. At around the age of 9, she was struggling to stand her ground with a neighborhood bully, so she went to her mom for guidance, but things didn’t quite go as she expected.

As a mother, I instantly put myself in my great grandmother’s shoes and imagined how I would have handled a similar situation. This script was developed with the belief that both the joys and struggles of childhood and motherhood are universal and transcend cultures, religion, geographic location, and even time. It is important to me that the audience notices that this is a period piece from the very first scene, so it was crucial for me to work with each department closely to create a feeling of 1950’s nostalgia.

The details within the story, of fear, pure joy, internal conflict, and the humor; gives ‘JACKS’ an authenticity that every parent and child can relate to. Being able to tell relatable stories through film is a great joy and I hope audiences find this lacing of elements and tonal shifts satisfying.

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