Director Biography – Evgeniya Radilova (PATRIK)

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Evgeniya Radilova is a internationally award winning actress and a filmmaker. After making a name for herself back in Bulgaria, she comes to the States to pursue her career as an actress. She appeared Off-Broadway, became a SAG-AFTRA, AEA, and a lifetime member of The Actors Studio, where she performed opposite Ellen Burstyn in The Cherry Orchard, directed by John Gould Rubin.  She has appeared on 5 prime time TV shows, multiple short and feature films. Won the Charles Jehlinger Award for Best Actress at AADA.

Naturally she decided to take a step in her career and started directing. Her first music video, “True Paradise” was accepted in 8 festivals, and won three of them for Best Music Video: “Winter Film Awards”, “LA Cinema Festival of Hollywood” and “Film Miami Festival”. After the success at her debut as a director, she co-founded “iDareProductions”, where she has been producing, writing and directing for the past few years!

She wrote, produced and directed two short films. “Patrik” which won the Gold Award at “Spotlight Film Awards”, and Evgeniya was featured as one of the best filmmakers In “The Spotlight”. Her film also won for Best Narrative Short at “Olympus Film Festival” in LA. “Patrik” also won the Silver Award at “Latitude Film Festival”- in London, and Best Original Story and Best Actor at “GSF Awards” in Cannes, France. Patrik also won for Best Indie Filmmaker, Honorable Mention at the “Top Shorts”, and lastly won for Best First Time Director (Female) the Bronze Award at the Independent Shorts Awards, in LA.

She also, wrote, produced and directed her second film “El Cavil”, as well as a new music video called “Nothing Changed for Me” by Rada Angelova. Evgeniya also is co-producing and co-directing a film called “Then and Now”, and directed a short called The Burden, all coming out in 2019.

She is in preproduction of the first feature film she is co-directing and co-producing with Michael Tosner called “Bacon”, this coming fall.

A film she directed called “My Relationship With The Moon” won the “Special Recognition Award” at the “Cayanne Film Festival”.

She also became a proud lifetime member of the Playwrights Directors Unit at The Actors Studio.

For two consecutive years, she has been invited to teach and direct Film and Theatre workshops with the students of Chongqing and Kunming in China. She created two films with them: “Fortune Sticks “& “Marga”, and directed a production of W. Shakespeare’s “Midnight Summer’s Dream”, and “Peter and The Starcatcher”. She gave a very successful talk for film industry and film professors in China, Kuming! And is going back regularly to teach.

Evgeniya has a great passion for fire dancing and has opened her own entertainment company, Evgeniya Entertainment, which includes artists from Circus Du Soleil to NYC’s top performers, underground and street performers. She has performed in the most high-end cabarets stages in NYC as well as festivals and directed shows all over the county.

Director Statement

I have reached an age when, if someone tells me to wear socks, I don’t have to.” Albert Einstein

My prototype for “Patrick” is an anonymous elderly man who caught my attention years ago. I was 18, aspiring actress, student at that time at the Film and Theater Academy in Bulgaria and while on a lunch break, I suddenly found myself starring at this man struggling to cross over a busy road. He moved very slowly, with a persistence and patience, but obviously intimidated by the fast world around him, failing in every attempt he does to cross the street. He kept on going back to the starting point, facing the semaphore and waiting for a green light. He would barely make a few steps when the light would turn red again forcing him to go back and start over. Eventually, he gave up and walked down the street.

That story became one of these seemingly unimportant memories, we are not sure why we keep, until it finally made sense, and I felt the urge to share it the moment I met Patrik Baldauff. We both performed in a production of The Cherry Orchard at The Actors Studio, alongside Ellen Burstyn, as lifelong members in the actor’s unit.

I found the perfect actor for my story and “Patrik” was born! His exceptional persona and our work together inspired me to develop a lot more the narrative and established the main topics of the movie.

The beauty and maybe just a bit of sadness aging brings, when striped from expectations and ambitions, we find joy in the little pleasure the morning sunshine brings, a memory hanging on the wall, the calming sound of ticking clock and the freedom of not putting your socks on if you don’t want to. Yet the world is changing and it’s harder and harder to keep up, but maybe the need of slowing down is a call from the universe to take a breath and let the things that matter happen to us. Often something small we would barely notice it’s what we really need at that very moment and gives a new meaning to what is important.

It is when we find a greater sense of acceptance of and tolerance for those normally disregarded in our community that we can begin to work towards change.

“Patrick” is a story about a man of the theater, a giant of the stage and a charmer of the screen. I am honoring the long carrier Patrik Baldauff has had, and we follow the happiest day of his life when he is being honored with a life time achievement award. He needs to make one last effort and proudly walk alone all the way to the theater to receive his award. This is his Golgotha.

But the world out there is too busy and won’t stop for the old man. He misses his ceremony, but unexpectedly, he’s been given a different reward, which turns out to be even more significant – the gift of opening one’s heart. My little hope is that the young man offering a hand on the street, is you and I.

I’ve been compelled to make art that is deeply personal and accessible to a larger audience and my intend is to fill my films with the purest and honest form of storytelling to life.


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