Director Biography – Hayley Thom (TONY MCCLEAN NEPAL TRUST)

Bb25a876fa headshot

True woman of the world, multi-disciplined director Hayley Thom has seen her fair share of the globe. She’s traversed the humanitarian and corporate sectors, from spanning New Zealand’s length to shooting in Buenos Aires, Shanghai, India, Nepal, South Africa and Bangladesh.
Hayley is passionate about being able to tell stories on behalf of those who can’t speak for themselves. She has found herself in a prison yard in South Africa, deep in the slums in Mumbai and sat in woman’s empowerment groups in the Philippines. Hayley has also spent a lot of time on the road filming chefs, for a series of cookbooks throughout NZ and Australia.
Hayley is always up for a challenge and gets excited about new projects that can have a lasting impact.


Director Statement

I love meeting new people and to be able to have the chance to tell their stories. It was an honour to be involved in the ‘Tony McClean Nepal Trust’ film, to be part of such an incredible story. I wanted the viewer to feel connected to the story, for them to see that they can also be part of it and be able to make a real difference.

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