Director Biography – Yalan Hu (DOLL IT UP)

B3981c8434 headshot

Yalan Hu hails from Wuhan, China, the birthplace of the Xinhai Revolution that overthrew China’s last imperial dynasty. The only child of a traditional intellectual family, she fulfilled the family’s expectation of being an A student through her school years, while finding escape from the crushing sameness of Western blockbusters through the films of Bernardo Bertolucci and Lars Van Trier. Inspired to become a rule-breaking filmmaker, she first worked as a TV director/screenwriter in China for six years to get a foot in the industry. In tackling social injustice and human hardship, she allowed her unique style of poignant humor to represent her view of society. She is graduating from Florida State University, USA., with a Master degree in Film Production.

Director Statement

My dark comedy Doll It Up provides adult audience who enjoys poignant dark humor like Harold and Maude, and Lars and the Real Girl with the opportunity to explore modern changes in sexuality, fidelity, and relationship through an absurd lens of satire, gently poking fun at men who trade up their partners.

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