Director Biography – Julia Trofimova (Eulogy for Denis K. )

Director Biography – Julia Trofimova

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Julia Trofimova was born in a Russian town of Kaluga, moved to Moscow when she was sixteen. She studied Economics in the Moscow State University and worked as a strategy consultant for 10 years.
In the middle of her career she decided to change her life completely and started studying first screenwriting and then directing in New York Film Academy and Moscow Film School. Her experience in strategy helped her play both Director and Producer role for her student film “I’m Game” and her debut film “Eulogy for Denis K.”


Director Statement


This film is about acceptance. It is about the learning to accept life as it is, even if it’s not ideal. It is about accepting affairs of your husband, betrayal of your friends and even death. It is an attempt to find the way to treat all of it a bit less seriously.
The sub-theme of the film is the question of the truth or rather a truth. Do we know the whole truth and are we ready for it? Should we aspire to know it all, if it’s never the full picture?
We talk about it in a not too serious tone, without too much drama, via soft warm colours, ironic smiles and jazz.

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