Female Festival Testimonial – March 4 2019

I loved that the festival focuses on women’s work. Also the chance for a reading was motivating and that feedback was included. I thought my feedback was terrific. I’m impressed by the effort the reader took and how truly helpful it was. I couldn’t be happier to be a winner and have a very professional read of my script. Thank you!

  • Sheri Davenport
  • A Film Freeway Preferred Festival:

Mata Hari — a spy who betrayed her country or a woman ahead of her time? This is the back story of Mata Hari.


NARRATION: Elizabeth Rose Morriss
Mata Hari: Marisa King
Bouchardson: Dan Cristofori
Vadime: Yehuda Fisher
Macleod: Michael Sabet
Clunt: Scott McCulloch
Sister Leonide: Elizabeth Skidmore

A Film Freeway Preferred Festival: