Director Biography – Marika Tamura (FINAL DEATHTINATION)

Marika Tamura was born in Yokohama City, Japan in 1998. She received a BFA from Ringling College of Art and Design with a major in Computer Animation in 2021.

Starting from doodles and origami with her mother in her childhood, arts and crafts have always been her hobby. As Marika wanted to work in a team, she was attracted by the creative and collaborative environment of the animation industry when she watched a documentary about animation production in 2013. Marika’s childhood memories always inspire her art. Her family and friends’ personality and a lot of small precious moments she shared with them are often reflected in her art. She also has traveled to many countries with her family; the beautiful cultures and landscapes around the world stirred her imagination and eventually led her to pursue visual development as an artist who is responsible for worldbuilding.

Marika starts her first job in animation as a visual development intern at LAIKA, LLC in June, 2021 and currently lives in Hillsboro, Oregon.

Director Statement

While the film is a dark-comedy and explores the serious topic of suicide, I created this film to share the message that “as long as you are alive, you can find a new joy and purpose to live”.

Traveling is not possible for everyone. My intention is not to say that everyone should go outside and see the world to overcome your depression. For Norman (the main character), his new joy was traveling. However, it can be any small things in daily life that give you a little joy and hope. The same can be said for Death in the film; we don’t have someone like him who could come to save us. However, we all can be someone’s support who will help them have that little positivity in their life.

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